Frequently Asked Questions

EMS – Energy Management System

An Energy Management System (EMS) is a set of digital tools used to supervise, control and optimize electricity consumption or production while ensuring uninterrupted service.

Agregio Solutions’ EMS is a stand-alone software package, installed on a hybrid energy site with a battery energy storage system.

Thanks to its intelligence, it controls all the equipment at a given site: solar panels or wind turbines, batteries, electric vehicle charging stations…Each EMS consists of an optimizer and a controller. The optimizer determines the best trajectory according to weather forecasts, consumption forecasts, price forecasts, equipment status and site requirements. The controller pilots the equipment (e.g. batteries, PV, generators) intelligently and autonomously in real time to follow the optimizer’s trajectory as closely as possible.

The Off-grid EMS is an Energy Management System installed on a site completely disconnected from the national grid, such as an isolated site, a remote village, an island or a mining site.

This type of EMS allows a site to ensure uninterrupted access to electricity,  reduce carbon-based fuel consumption and energy costs, and maximize the integration of renewable energies. Off-grid EMS can connect to gensets (diesel, gas, HO), batteries or renewable assets (e.g. PV, wind, hydro).

A microgrid is a small-scale electrical network that brings together various energy production facilities (e.g. photovoltaic panels, diesel generators, small hydraulics, etc), storage facilities (e.g. battery energy storage systems) and consumption facilities, as well as monitoring tools.

A hybrid site is one that uses multiple energy sources, such as wind and solar power.