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In accordance with Article 6 of Law No. 2004-575 “pour la confiance dans l’économie numérique” (Confidence in the Digital Economy Act) of June 21, 2004, users of the website are provided with the following information concerning the various stakeholders involved in the implementation and monitoring of the website:

The website owner is Agregio Solutions

A simplified joint stock company with a capital of 51.814€
Headquarters: Tour Europe – 33 place de Corolles, 92400 COURBEVOIE (FRANCE)
RCS Nanterre: 824 543 490

The website creator is ALIX&CO

represented by Alice NOURRISSON and Alexis CHAUSSE, directors of the brand ALIX&CO
SIRET: 829 253 855 00011

Publication Director: Mr Félix REYNAUD, President of Agregio Solutions
Webmaster: ALIX&CO
Host: the internet site is powered by WordPress CMS
Éditor: ALIX&CO

Site hosted by the brand ALIX&CO on the OVH server.
Hosting service located at the OVH Data Center – 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France.
Domain name hosting provided by the OVH company.


General conditions related to the use of the site and provided services

Use of the site implies the full acceptance of the general conditions of use described below. As these conditions are subjet to modification or amendment at any time, users of the site are invited to consult them regularly. The site is generally accessible to users at all times.

However, service interruptions for maintenance purposes can be decided by Agregio Solutions, which will endeavor to inform users in advance of the dates and times of such interventions.

The website is regularly updated by Agregio Solutions. In the same way, the legal notices are subject to modification at any time; nevertheless, they continue to apply to the user, who is invited to consult them as often as possible to remain informed.


Description of services provided

The purpose of the site is to provide information about the company’s activities.

Agregio Solutions strives to ensure that the information provided on the website is as accurate as possible.

However, it cannot be held liable for omissions, inaccuracies and shortcomings in updating, whether caused by Agregio Solutions or by the third-party partners who provide it with this information.

All the information on the website  is given as an indication and is subject to change. Moreover, the information on the website is not exhaustive. It is provided under reserve of modifications made since its publication.


Contractual Limitations on Technical Data

The site uses JavaScript technology. The site will not be held liable for material damages resulting from the use fo the site. Furthermore, users agree to access the site using recent equipment that does not contain viruses and with a recent and up-to-date browser.


Intellectual property and counterfeiting

Agregio Solutions holds the copyright for all content on the website, including text, images, graphics, logos, icons, sound and software. The reproduction, representation, modification, publication or adaptation of all or part of the site or its content, regardless of the method or procedure used, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Agregio Solutions.

Unauthorized use of the website or its content will be considered a copyright violation and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the articles L.335-2 of the Intellectual Property Code.


Liability Limitations

Agregio Solutions cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages caused to the user’s equipment while accessing the site and resulting from either the use of equipment that does not meet the specifications indicated in point 4, or from the appearance of a bug or incompatibility. Nor can Aregio Solutions be held liable for indirect damages (such as, for example, the loss of a market or opportunity) following the use of the site

Interactive areas (allowing questions to be asked in the contact section) are provided to website users. Agregio Solutions reserves the right to remove, without prior notice, any content posted in this space that would contravene legislation applicable in France, in particular provisions related to data protection. If necessary, Agregio Solutions also reserves the right to call upon the civil or penal responsibility of the user, notable in the case of racist, injurious, defamatory or pornographic messages, regardless of format (text, photograph….).


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Applicable Law

The present use conditions of the site are subject to French law and the French courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to rule on any complaint related to the use of this site.