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Do you want to find new sources of revenue and optimize your energy management, while contributing to the balance of the electricity system?
Our flexibility solutions allow you to meet your objectives.

A solution designed to...

Pictogramme Développeur de projet de stockageStorage Product Developer

Pictogramme Entreprise industrielle ou tertiaireIndustrial or Tertiary Business

Pictogramme Producteur d'électricité ou Développeur de projet d'énergies renouvelablesElectricity Producer
Renewable Energy Project Developer

Photo illustrant deux personnes, le regard rivé sur un écran affichant des courbes et des graphiques divers, reflet des solutions de gestion des flexibilités.

Make the most of your flexibilities on the energy market

At the intersection of your business and the energy markets, our turnkey solutions enable you to make the most of your flexibilities in consumption, production, or your storage assets flexibility.

Flexibility of

You’re an industrial or service business that wants to reduce your electricity costs and find new sources of revenue while reducing pressure on the power grid during periods of high demand? We can help you make the most of your capacity to eliminate or modulate your electricity consumption using suitable mechanisms.

Flexibility of
storage assets

Whether you’re a storage project developer or an industrial or tertiary business, our solutions allow you to make the most of the flexibility provided by storage systems and optimize their profitability by offering them in all eligible markets and mechanisms.

Flexibility of
electric vehicles

Specialized in the development of smart charging (V1G) and Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) technologies, our partner Dreev offers solutions adapted to your needs, ranging from charging optimization to the deployment of smart charging stations.

With our support, you can take full advantage of the flexibility potential of your electric vehicles (vans, buses and electric cars) using it as a means of energy storage : optimize the cost of recharging according to market opportunities and generate additional income by making the most of the flexibility of your electric vehicles.


If you’re an electricity producer or a renewable energy project developer, you can make the most of your ability to stop or modulate your electricity production and benefit from additional income.

Our offers,
the benefits for you

A solution adapted to your needs and constraints

Our solutions adapt to your needs and your constraints: adjustment mechanisms, rapid and complementary reserves, system services or capacity markets.

Our flexibility offers allow you to enhance your energy consumption, storage or production flexibility and benefit from additional revenue without having to worry about technical constraints.

You can also benefit from our expertise to provide support and optimal security in predicting and leveraging your energy assets to become a reliable player in balancing the grid while at the same time helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Instant remote management

Our remote control unit provides a fast and automated system for activating your flexibilities, in order to gain agility and maximize the revenue captured.

With our EMS (Energy Management System), you will be able to intelligently control (24/7) your site’s electrical grid to optimize your renewable energy production.

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Our support
over the life of your project

Upstream: Analysis of your flexibility assets and contractualization

  • Analysis of your peak shaving or production flexibility potential based on your consumption or production history
  • Financial simulations based on flexibility mechanisms and formats
  • Establishment of a personalized contract adapted to your constraints
  • Possible contractual flexibility: in case of unavailability or non-compliance with load reduction

Over the life of the contract: Management and support of your contract

  • Certification and homologation of your capacity
  • Attachment to our load reduction perimeter
  • Valorization of your capacity on the markets
  • Management of tests and activations
  • Verification of consumption following load reduction
  • Payment of remuneration

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Need to know more about our solutions and commercial offer ?
Our team is at your disposal to guide you and define project.

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