Bannière illustrant un bâtiment tertiaire et deux pictogrammes illustrant un bâtiment industriel et un bâtiment tertiaire.

Industrial or Tertiary

Our solutions for you:

Valorize your flexibility of consumption

Valorize your capacity to eliminate or modulate your electricity consumption in order to find news sources of revenue and reduce your electricity costs, while reducing pressure on the power grid during periods of high demand.

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Supply renewable electricity through a corporate PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Consume more responsibly and secure a long-terme price, by purchasing electricity from renewable electricity producers through a corporate PPA.

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Valorize the flexibility of storage assets

Make the most of the flexibility provided by storage systems and optimize their profitability by offering them in all eligible markets and mechansisms.

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Valorize the flexibility of electric vehicles

Optimize your electric vehicles’ charging and make the most of its flexibility and storage potential

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Evaluate the profitability of your energy project

Evaluate your project’s potential with a storage system by obtaining technical and economic indicators to assist in decision-making.

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Store your electricity

Store your electricity with StorBox, our efficient and secure battery energy storage system solution.

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Make your storage-equipped electrical system smart and autonomous

Control your site’s energy intelligently with our energy management system (EMS).

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