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Agregio Solutions

Today, Agregio Solutions is more than 160 employees working in France and internationally to develop sustainable energy systems — a reflection of our commitments and those of our partners.

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Agregio Solutions is above all a partnership between Agregio and Store & Forecast, two subsidiaries oriented towards the future and the energy transition. Both originally startups, they have brought together their expertise to become Agregio Solutions: a wholly-owned EDF subsidiary and a reference in aggregation and renewable energy markets, flexibilities, storage and intelligent energy management.


Shared DNA,
a committed team

Agregio Solutions is above all a team of employees committed to the energy transition and passionate about their mission.

Striving to give true meaning to their profession, our team members work everyday to “build a CO2 neutral future reconciling the preservation of the planet, well-being and development through electricity and innovative solutions and services.”

At Agregio Solutions, we are conscious that the energy transition can only come about by working together and alongside our customers and partners.

It’s this collective intelligence that drives our experts on a daily basis as they work side by side to develop solutions and innovative services  —  for our customers, and for a more sustainable future.

¹The EDF group’s raison d’être.

Who are we ?

Varied roles
and profiles

Our commitment to a more sustainable future doesn’t end with customer satisfaction.

Every member of our team has their story, their wishes, ideas, strengths and weaknesses. It’s these many different paths and profiles that make up our team of motivated and dedicated employees.

There are enough areas of expertise, challenges to rise to and technologies to master on our teams for everyone to find their place and evolve.

Whether they’re engineers, developers, project managers, sales professionals or support personnel, junior or senior, they all participate in the development of innovative energy systems to optimize and valorize decentralized energy.

Our divisions

Key figures

160 employees

Interns, trainees, and permanent staff:
160 men and women building and shaping Agregio Solutions today.

2 sites

Our team members are spread across
2 sites:
> one in Paris, in the heart of La Défense,
> the other in Lyon, on the la Doua campus (Villeurbanne).

33 years

The average age of your employees.

Our story
begins now

It’s difficult to predict where you will be in a few years, but chances are it will be with us.

Agregio Solutions brings together a range of expertise and fields of intervention, offering you exciting prospects for taking part in projects in France and internationally.

We are developing a broad scope of projects to give you the opportunity to join one of our teams:

  • Commerce Division: to commercialize all of our offers and solutions,
  • Products and Services Division: to improve our products and services and promote them as much as possible to our targets through our marketing offers,
  • IT Engineering Division: to develop our asset control tools (ex. EMS) and software and manage information systems,
  • Business Expertise Division: to carry out the necessary studies for the development of our projects and model risks,
  • Storage Division: to respond to our energy optimization projects with storage and propose the best offers to our customers,
  • Operations Division: to manage contracts and the back office for aggregation and flexibilities,
  • New Business Division: to promote the development of our activities internationally and take advantage of market opportunities,

Corporate Division: finance, HR, legal, communication. Essential support for the functioning and development of the company.

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