The EMS, a true mastermind of a decentralized network

The energy transition leads electricity producers, companies, network managers, and balance responsible entities to increasingly rely on renewable energies. To offset the intermittency of these sources of energy and optimize their use on a site, the EMS becomes an essential tool.

Aggregating several intermittent renewable energy sources and storage is one thing. But using it wisely on a site is another.

In this context, the EMS* constitutes a true mastermind of a decentralized network, allowing it to optimize its energy production and/or consumption.

Collect and calculate to help decision-making

Taking into account the site’s specificities, this intelligent energy management solution makes the best decisions to answer. Thanks to precise algorithms, the EMS collects all information for decision-making, such as the state of the site’s equipment, consumption or production forecasts, or even electricity prices. Taking all these informations into account, its intelligence then allows it to determine the optimal achievable objective for the client site.

Plan to achieve the client’s objective

Connected to the production or consumption equipment on the client site (e.g., photovoltaic panels, energy storage assets, or wind turbines), the EMS defines, through algorithms, instructions to be transmitted to the different equipment.

Manage equipment in real-time

Once these instructions are established, the EMS manages all the equipment by sending the instructions and adjusting them according to events and needs on the site, all in real-time (24/7).

Extremely responsive, it responds within 500 milliseconds and up to a maximum of 30 seconds. Adapted to your needs and your energy project, our management solution allows you to optimize your energy production in real-time.


*EMS : Energy Management System