EMS Off-grid

The EMS Off-grid, a smart solution for optimizing the production and/or consumption of electricity at your off-grid site, while guaranteeing a high-quality electricity supply.

Why install an EMS Off-grid?

Manage grid balance on an isolated site,
100% disconnected from the main grid

Pictogramme illustrant une balance, reflet de l'équilibre d'un réseau électrique.

Maximize the integration of renewable energies

Pictogramme illustrant des panneaux photovoltaïques et des éoliennes.

Reduce your reliance on more carbon-intensive means of production

Pictogramme illustrant un générateur diesel.

Lower your electricity bills

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Decarbonize the electricity mix
in a remote area

Intelligent and connected, our EMS Off-grid supports your decarbonization project through managing your decarbonization objectives and ensuring a decarbonized electricity mix.

Built to meet your challenges, it enables you to manage your isolated site and ensure the quality of the electricity supply while maximizing the use of renewable energy, thereby reducing the need for carbon-based solutions to a minimum (e.g. generators).

Especially well-suited to the needs of microgrids in isolated regions, the EMS Off-grid allows you to control all the equipment at your hybrid site with storage, taking into account weather and price forecasts.

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Features of the EMS Off-grid

The EMS Off-grid provides real-time control of your site’s equipment (photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, battery storage systems, generators, etc.) to enhance the integration of renewable energies.

Thanks to our “genset off” mode, our EMS enables you to power your isolated site solely
through renewable energies and storage assets (batteries).

Le “smooth energy” integrated into our EMS Off-grid guarantees the high quality of your grid and the durability of your equipment.

Our Off-grid EMS allows you to ensure:

  • primary control using the equipment’s Grid Forming mode,
  • secondary control balancing production and consumption in real-time.

Our EMS Off-grid ensures real-time monitoring of the availability and production of your equipment.

Our off-grid software solution’s downgraded mode allows you to manage the unavailability of your equipment.

If an event occurs on your site, the manual mode allows your operators to take control of the system temporarily and to give manual commands.

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SCADA system: manual supervision
of your microgrid

Visuel représentant les écrans de visualisation du logiciel SCADA.

When you choose to equip your microgrid with an EMS Off-grid, we’ll supply you with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software, which will enable you to supervise and take control of your equipment (photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, battery storage systems, generators, etc.) whenever you need to, thanks to:

A robust solution
parameterized according to your installation

A warning system
(e.g. loss of communication with strage, failure of a diesel generator, etc.)

Interactions with the EMS Off-grid
to force setpoints in manual mode

Precise tracking
of recent manual actions and event histories

Hardware equipment
installed onsite and therefore not subject to communication network failure problems

Remote access

Real-time monitoring
of your equipment

Visuel illustrant des écrans du logiciel Grafana et des PC industriels pour définir un Energy Management System.

When we supply an EMS Off-grid for your microgrid disconnected from the main grid, we give you access to a secure monitoring interface.

Remotely accessible and completely responsive, it enables you to view your site’s data in real-time (at one-second intervals) in graphic form, and to choose the analysis period for your data.

The API Datastore also gives you the option of accessing your site’s raw data.

Interfacing with your equipment

Our EMS software is techno-agnostic, allowing it to interface easily with all brands of equipment.

Our EMS Off-grid can connect to:

  • generator sets: diesel, gas, H2,
  • batteries: Li-Ion,
  • renewable assets: PV, wind, hydraulic, etc.

We have already this type of EMS with several well-known brands on the market:
PV Inverters: SMA, ABB, Huawei, Sungrow…
Batteries: Agregio Solutions, ABB-Hitachi, Alstom, Huawei, Siemens, Socomec, Narada, Nidec, Tricera…
Group controllers: ComAp, CRE technology…

Our support
throughout your project


  • customized development of an EMS solution in line with your requirements and objectives,
  • development of the control algorithm during the study phase,
  • design and development of the supervision and control interface (SCADA).


  • simulation of the pre-production environment,
  • procurement of required equipment,
  • installation, configuration, interoperability tests, receipt.

Operations & Maintenance

  • corrective and preventive maintenance: analysis, diagnosis and debugging in case of anomaly,
  • 24-hour remote supervision,
  • warranties management,
  • data analysis and reporting,
  • progressive maintenance: continuous product updates and improvements.

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Our team is at your disposal to guide you and define project.

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