Energy Management System

EMS with storage: smart, connected software for real-time energy optimization at your site. Use our EMS to coordinate, optimize and control the equipment on your hybrid site with storage.

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Pictogramme Producteur d'électricité ou Développeur de projet d'énergies renouvelablesElectricity Producer
Renewable Energy Project Developer

Pictogramme Développeur de projet de stockage
Storage Product

Pictogramme Entreprise industrielle ou tertiaireIndustrial or Tertiary

Pictogramme Gestionnaire de réseau ou Responsable d'équilibreNetwork Manager
Balance Responsible Entity

Visuel illustrant des écrans du logiciel Grafana et des PC industriels pour définir un Energy Management System.

Control your hybrid site with storage

Our EMS intelligent control software functions as the true mastermind of your decentralized network, connecting to your hybrid site and thereby accessing several different energy sources (wind, solar, etc.).

It controls all your site’s equipment: photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, batteries, thermal power plants, electric vehicle charging stations, etc.

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EMS Off-Grid

Un Energy Management System pour assurer la qualité de fourniture d’électricité sur un site 100% déconnecté du réseau électrique principal.
Un outil idéal pour les sites isolés, villages reculés, îles ou les sites miniers.

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The EMS with storage
a lever for optimizing your energy

Our EMS with storage is autonomous and intelligent, enabling you to optimize your site’s electricity production and/or consumption by making the best decisions according to your various objectives:

Manage an isolated site
Switch to islanding mode and maximize the use of your diesel generators.

Optimize the integration of renewable energies at your site.

Save money on your electricity bill
Reduce power demand, consume energy at the best price, reduce risk in the face of volatile market prices.

Generate additional income
Resell electricity production or participate in a load shedding program.

Decarbonize your consumption
Consume greener energy and maximize self-consumption.

Avoid blackouts at your site.

Thanks to Agregio Solutions’ intelligent energy management solutions, you can become an active player in the energy transition, making the most of the flexibility of your storage assets while reducing your carbon footprint – solutions and results that enhance your brand image.

Two components for orchestrating
intelligent energy management

An Optimizer

The optimizer makes intra day energy planning and economics effective based on weather forecasts, price forecasts and the state of your site’s equipment.

A Controller

The controller will pilot your equipment (batteries, photovoltaic panels, gensets, etc.) in real time to ensure optimum alignment with the optimizer’s trajectory.

Real-time control of the Energy Management System

Coupled with a battery energy storage system, our EMS with storage makes the right decisions for you by:

  • collecting all the information required to make the right decisions (e.g. battery state-of-charge measurements, photovoltaic production forecasts, equipment availability, etc.),
  • calculating the scheduling of production assets that contribute to overall system performance,
  • sending setpoints to equipment to reflect planning decisions,
  • controlling equipment in real time and adjusting setpoints as required.

We link your electrical production or consumption equipment to our Energy Management System, which operates 24/7, via industrial PCs.

Our extremely responsive system responds in as little as 500 milliseconds and within a maximum of 30 seconds.

Tailored to your needs and your energy project, our intelligent energy management solution enables you to optimize your energy production or consumption in real time.

Beyond its responsiveness, our EMS ensures controlled management of dispatches to the Balance Responsible Entity, with the support of a large number of protocols (SFTP, FTP, API, SMTP) and the default forecast dispatch service.

In addition to its technological capabilities, our EMS solution includes secure access to your data via a dedicated web interface, enabling you to visualize your energy optimization.

In the case of microgrids, our SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system enables you to supervise your electrical installations in real time and take manual action when necessary (e.g. black start).

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Our support
over the life of your project


  • customized development of an EMS solution in line with your requirements and objectives,
  • development of the control algorithm during the study phase,
  • design and development of the supervision and control interface (SCADA).


  • simulation of the pre-production environment,
  • procurement of required equipment,
  • installation, configuration, interoperability tests, receipt.

Operations & Maintenance

  • corrective and preventive maintenance: analysis, diagnosis and debugging in case of anomaly,
  • 24-hour remote supervision,
  • warranties management,
  • data analysis and reporting,
  • progressive maintenance: continuous product updates and improvements.
Visuel représentant les écrans de visualisation du logiciel SCADA.

SCADA, an industrial supervision system

If you’re looking to install an EMS with storage at an isolated site disconnected from the national grid, we can offer you SCADA software to enable you to take control of the managing your equipment whenever you need it, thanks to:

  • a robust solution tailored to your installation,
  • a warning system (e.g. disconnected batteries, low oil level on a diesel engine, etc.),
  • interaction with the EMS to force setpoints,
  • tracking of the latest manual actions and event histories,
  • hardware installed on site, and therefore not subject to problems,
  • remote access.

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